"Jim: I had a great time fishing and cutting up with you, I feel fortunate that I was able to spend the day learning as much as I could from you. You obviously have vast knowledge of the lake and what it takes to do well in a tournament situation. I'll do my best to make you proud"

-David M.

"Jim, I have a feeling we will go fishing again. Laura enjoyed herself, and so did I. Some of the things I liked that you did (that some other guides did not):

You didn't try to out fish the clients just to put weight in the boat to brag about to the other guides.
You let me take advantage of my skill level and fish more challenging waters.
You moved when the fish quit biting instead of saving gas.
You took us where you knew it would cost you some baits to try to catch fish.

You were very polite and friendly with my wife and increased her enjoyment of the day with stories of Mexican netters and other local gossip, church stuff, etc.

We will be back sometime this winter or next summer, and we do want to try Sugar too. I see one day on Falcon and maybe two on Sugar. I will bring some of my gear to try too. I may bring some friends or other couples along too."

-Brad F.

"Thanks Jim, pics look great.
I put up a report on the Freshwater Report section on the Texas Fishing Forum saying how good the trip was with you. As of today, 204 hard core fisherman read it. Thanks again for everything and hope to keep in touch."

-Jim B.

"Thanks Jim - I had a great time!! You were a great guide! Great pictures - we will definitely be back to Lake Falcon. It was truly one of the best fisheries I have been to. And I have fished all over the Northern Hemisphere. Try and stay cool in that heat!!!!!"

-Robert S

"Thanks for sending the pics. We really did enjoy the trip and very much Appreciate you hosting Eddie and I in your home. Look forward to fishing with you again one day."


"Hi Jim........Just wanted to send you a quick note to say "Thanks" for the great day together. I look forward to seeing you this winter..........Have a great fall"

-Jack B

"Dear Jim: 
First of all thanks for the great time that we had, and the lessons and the understanding of the radar , best time of my life fishing"

-Francisco G.

"Jim, we had a great time on Falcon with you yesterday. My boys couldn’t stop talking about how nice you were, and what a good guide you are. So thanks for everything."

-Bill J.

"Thanks again for great trip last week. We didn't do real good Wednesday, but did find some fish in the creek near Zapata on Thursday right before we left. I hope to be in touch soon to plan another trip there!"

-Wayne B.


Thanks for a great trip to Sugar Lake. The fishing on Sugar is red hot, with good numbers of fish and lots of big fish. Jerry and I had over 36 pounds with our five best fish, that's not bad for a half day's fishing. pic 1. 9.7#, pic 2. 7.0# , pic 3. 6.8#, pic 4. 8.9# Thanks,"

-Bill R.

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