Jim Edwards Guide Service
Jim Edwards Guide Service


-- Pricing is for the Boat, Guide, and one or two people. -- I am a "Catch and Release" Guide Only -- I can supply rods and tackle for $40 Per Person, Per Day -- Follow Boats $200 per day (Only if follow boat is part of the party I am guiding) --
$500 / day Falcon Lake
8 to 9 hours of fishing on Falcon Lake. I pick you up or meet you in the morning and bring you back to the motel or meeting place at the end of the day. Tackle and Rods can be provided for a fee.
$600/ same day trip from Zapata Sugar Lake, Comales, Mexico
Multiple Day/Nights on Sugar Lake: Guide fee is $600 per day plus Food and Lodging. Food and lodging are approximately $100 per person per day

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the fishing day?
8 to 9 hours for Falcon and 12 hours for Sugar lake Mexico. I pick you up at your motel before daylight and we go to the launch and fish.
What fishing licenses are required for Falcon Lake and where can I get them?
Falcon Lake is divided between Texas waters and Mexico waters so you will need both licenses to fish the whole lake. The tackle shops all sell Texas and Mexico licenses.
Do you supply Tackle and Rods or should I bring my own?
Yes, please feel free to bring you tackle and rods. I will supply tackle and rods for $40 per person per day. If you will give me a call shortly before your trip I will tell you what tackle I am using and what you might want to bring.
Can I keep my fish?
I practice catch and release on all fish over 3-1/2 pounds. If you want to keep fish, Texas law says you can keep 5 per person. I do not clean fish for my customers.
What if I catch a Trophy Bass?
If you catch a Trophy bass and you want to have a replica made of that fish I will weigh and take several pictures of the fish with my camera and then I will cut a piece of line the length of the fish and also three more pieces to show the girth of the head, body, and tail. Then the taxidermist will have a record of the exact size of the fish.
What airports are near Zapata?
Laredo is 45 miles away, McAllen, Texas is 90 miles away both on HWY 83 to Zapata
Do I need a Passport?
Fishing Falcon Lake dose not require a Passport. If you Fish Sugar Lake you will need a passport for your return back into the USA on the return trip back to Zapata..


I offer trips to Falcon Lake in Zapata, Texas, and Sugar Lake in Mexico for one or two people and arrangements can be made for more if needed.Falcon Lake is located 45 miles east of Laredo in South Texas on the Texas-Mexico border.Sugar Lake is located approximately 60 miles from Zapata Texas in Mexico. I supply transportation to and from Mexico and cross the border by way of Roma, Texas. Mexico trips are usually one-day excursions. Fishing hours start earlier in the morning to allow for travel time and we fish a full day but make sure we are back in the US before dark. multiple day trips require staying in Mexico at the lake.... Wonderful people with comfortable rooms...... Passports are required to fish Sugar Lake only.... Falcon does not require a passport.....